Will US ban TikTok? TikTok banned in US!

Will the US ban Tiktok? – After the ban of TikTok in India, there are some fake claims that are circulating over the web. Continue reading and get into the whole matter.

You may notice some memes, videos, or posts, claiming that America has banned Tiktok. But that’s not the complete truth. America has not banned TikTok. So, what is the source of this rumour?  Actually, all these claims are somewhat true. But they are providing misinformation to you.

TikTok banned in US! – Complete news about TikTok

Will US ban TikTok? TikTok banned in US!
Will US ban TikTok? TikTok banned in US!

The US has actually banned TikTok for government officers only. Means any person who is linked to government is not allowed to install and use Tiktok. But it is completely permissible for the rest of the public in America.

America’s ban on TikTok is not a recent step by the government of America. America took this step in December 2019. After US TikTok ban for government officials, fake claims circulated on the social media platforms, about the complete ban of TikTok in America.

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Who can Use TikTok in America?

If you are a TikTok user in America and not connected with any government body, then you are allowed to use TikTok. You can continue your entertainment, but I suggest you, to use devices and Gmail ids that do not contain any private or confidential information. That government banned TikTok because there are some chances of penetration to their confidential information. The same thing applies to you. If you are a person who is responsible for any leak of private information then you should not use this app on your confidential devices. If you don’t bother about your data security then you can use the app freely.

Will US ban TikTok?

Now a question arises that, Will America ban TikTok? It is quite a tricky question. The world knows that America and China have hot talks on various topics. One strong and recent topic is the Corona Virus. America always blames China for widespread of coronavirus. America and china’s relations are not so much good. So, there may be a chance that America can show anger by banning one of the biggest Chinese app TikTok.

A report verifies that America appreciated India for banning TikTok and 58 other apps. This signal also indicates that America may ban TikTok. And as I told you that America has already banned TikTok for government officials. Now, It is up to America, to ban TikTok for the public.

Hope you got the clarification on the issue. For any queries, comment below. I will reply to you with my best information.

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