WhatsApp Font Tricks | Font Styling Tricks For WhatsApp

People are mad about finding new tips and tricks over the internet. Specifically, Whatsapp Users are very crazy about finding and learning new Whatsapp text font tricks. Here today I will tell you about some Whatsapp Font Tricks. Let’s get started…

WhatsApp currently owned by Facebook allows users to send text messages, voice messages and etc. Here, I will talk about text messages.

Do you know?, that you can style your text on Whatsapp before pressing the “Send” button. If you are interested in such things than keep reading the post.

WhatsApp provides some font styling tricks that you are free to use before sending the text to your chatmate. Not, in the bulk, but Whatsapp gives some useful and effective font styling tricks.

You can format the text in many ways over WhatsApp. Like you can bold the text, italicize the text, Strikethrough the text and much more.

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WhatsApp Font Tricks | Font Styling Tricks

WhatsApp Font Tricks | Font Styling Tricks For WhatsApp
WhatsApp Font Tricks | Font Styling Tricks For WhatsApp
Here I am going to list all Font Styling Tricks For WhatsApp. Actually, I will tell you about some shortcuts to do so. So, keep reading:

1. Make the Text Bold

To make a piece of text blod on Whatsapp is not a time taking activity. You just have to use the symbol star (*). How? You need to put the text that you want to bold in between the stars.
This a shortcut for doing so on Whatsapp.
WhatsApp font style code (shortcut): *BOLD*

2. Italicize the Text

To italicize the text, you need to put two underscores ( _ ) around the text, one before and one after the text. This Shortcut trick will italicize your text.
WhatsApp font style code (shortcut): _Italic_

3. StrikeThrough Text

To strikethrough the text you need to use tilde (~) in the same way you used symbols above. Means you can strikethrough text by using tilde sign before and after the Desired piece of text.
WhatsApp font style code (shortcut): ~ StrikeThrough ~

4. Change the font of the text

A different one, to make the text of another font. Or to change the font of the text in Whatsapp, you need to use three backticks ( “` ). When you put these backticks on both sides of the text, this will immediately change the font of the text on the WhatsApp. You can try the shortcut in this way:
WhatsApp font style code (shortcut): “` Your font will be changed “`

5. Combine Whatsapp Text Font Tricks Together

Most Interesting one, Do you know that you can use all the font styling tricks together. Yes, you can do this. And this will apply all the styles on that piece of text. Just you have to use all the symbols one by one, then write the text, and then enclose the text by reversing the order of symbols previously used before the text. Like:
WhatsApp font style code (shortcut): *~_ Your text _~*

6. Font Styles using Whatsapp built-in options

Yes, you can also use some built-in options that Whatsapp have in its application. To use these options:
  1. select the desired text while chatting
  2. this will initiate a pop-up, with some options like copy, paste, bold, italic etc.
  3. from there, you can style your text without using shortcuts
  4. there will be three doses for you for accessing more Whatsapp font styling features.
You can also watch this video to learn about WhatsApp Font Tricks:

Hope, you loved this, WhatsApp Font Tricks keeps on changing with the time. But don’t worry, use these tricks freely, if any change will occur, we will make you update with all Font Styling Tricks and all Whatsapp font codes.

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