What is Roposo? How to Earn Money From Roposo App?

A new app is taking place in the market. Do you know about Roposo App? Here in this article, I will tell you about Roposo and the ways to earn from Roposo App. So, What is Roposo App? and How to earn money from Roposo App?

What is Roposo? How to earn money from Roposo App?
What is Roposo? How to earn money from Roposo App?

What is Roposo App?

This is a new video-sharing app. You can create a channel to share images and videos with your followers. The users are free to share videos & images on Whatsapp Status or on any other social media platforms. You can use this app in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi & Bengali.

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People are already creating amazing videos with the help of different filters, stickers & effects provided on the platform. You can create a video with slow-motion, time-lapse and portrait effect. The app features trending stickers and filters to easily create trending content.

Adding perfect hashtags will boost likes & views instantly!

You can take it as a similar short video creating & sharing app like Vigo Video, Likee, TikTok etc.

Features that making it a trending app:

  • Easy to use Video Status on Whatsapp
  • Have options to earn money
  • You can chat with friends having a Roposo account
  • Easy video sharing app made in India

In Present, there are 50,000,000+ users of Roposo app. This small size app requires Android 4.3 and up. Many users are engaged in creating and uploading videos every day. With the Excellent video creating features, the app also allows you to download the video to your personal devices.

You can easily get the application from the Google PlayStore. After installation, you need to register yourself with your mobile number.

Hope you got, “What is Roposo app?”!

How to earn money from Roposo App?

As I told you above that you can use this application to earn money as well. So, let’s discuss about that. But before that, I want to tell you about video creation in Roposo app. So, How to create video in Roposo app.

Create a video in Roposo app

It is very easy to make a video in Roposo. There are several uploaded music tracks on the app. You just have to click on the video button, to record your video with your desired music. After recording, you can upload the video just by clicking the upload button. While recording you can use filters and effects to enhance and style your videos. All the services are free, don’t worry about the paid things.

What I Loved About It

You can also create, edit and save your video to your memory instead of uploading online.

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Earn money from Roposo

Roposo gives you a chance to earn money through points. You have to use, share, and update content on Roposo. According to the response of followers and many such factors, you will get the points in the application. Then you can convert them in rupees.

So, it is a quiet easy app then TikTok that also offers us to earn money from the app.
So, here in this article, I have discussed, What is Roposo app? and How to earn money from Roposo App? If you have any confusion or query comment me below. I will try to clear your queries there, including queries related to “how to earn from Roposo”.

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