Top Fan Facebook Badge | How to turn on top fan badge on facebook page?

What is the Top fan Facebook Badge? What you should know about it? Today I am Going to talk about Facebook specifically “Top Fan Facebook Badge” you may have seen this popping up here and there if you have a business page. So, what is it?, How to turn on top fan badge on Facebook Page? and How you can use it?.

Top Fan Facebook Badge

Top Fan Facebook Badge |  How to turn on top fan badge on facebook page?
Top Fan Facebook Badge |  How to turn on top fan badge on facebook page?

Basically, when someone engages with your page with more likes, comments, shares, and regularly visits your page. Facebook starts naming them as your top fans.

When facebook algorithms find someone as a top fan of a page, a notification goes to that person. The notification has the request, to be a top fan. Then it is up to your fan that he wants to accept the top fan facebook badge or not.

How you can identify someone as your top fan?

You can identify a top fan with a  little jewel icon actually placed next to the Facebook name of your fan. This means, when your Facebook top fan, comment on your content or post, you will find a top fan icon next to its name. The batch is publicly visible on a top fans list on your Business Page’s Community tab. This is great because you can identify other people as your top fans.

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How to turn on top fan badge on Facebook Page?

The very first thing is that you should have at least 28 days old page with more than 10,000 followers. It is not defined by Facebook, that how much followers are needed to use this badge. But Facebook said you should have the most active numbers of followers for that. That’s why I gave that estimated figure of followers.

You may also get the badge when you are about to touch the 10,000 followers. But you have to maintain a good amount of followers, that at least satisfies you.

Steps to turn top fan badge on:

  1. Go to Page Settings
  2. The template and Tabs
  3. Select the Edit option
  4. Choose video page option
  5. This will reveal the option of Facebook badges
  6. Turn Facebook badges feature on
  7. Facebook will start finding your top fans using its algorithm

Then, follow the steps after some time. Because Facebook needs time to find your top fans.

  1. Go to your Facebook page
  2. Click on Community button
  3. A list of top fans will be in front of you

How to use Top Fan Facebook Badge?

This feature is to help brands like yours by identifying top fans of your content. There are quite a few things that you can do and benefit from it…

  • It allows you to identify your true top fan
  • Able to engage and communicate efficiently with top fans
  • You can drive more interactions
  • You can convert your top fans as your brand advocates
  • Top fans can help you to connect with more people like them.
  • They can generate more influence and impact on others
  • You can track the loyalty your fans

You can also give rewards to your top fans with the regular updates so that they not feel ignored. You can also use the top fan list for giveaways and for the exclusive invitations to your business events.

With some of the top fans, you are also able to have access to a fan base for surveys, brand strategy and product development.

You might be interested to receive feedback on your services or products. Your loyal Top Fans can help you in this situation.

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