New Microsoft Edge Browser Explained! Edge Legacy New Features

Do you know about the new Microsoft Edge Browser update? If you are a window 10 user, you can use New Microsoft Edge Browse via Windows Update. Microsoft is introducing this update to window users to compete with the famous web-browser “Google Chrome”. New Microsoft Edge Browser is based on the same code as Chrome browser.

New Microsoft Edge Browser Explained!

New Microsoft Edge Browser Explained! Edge Legacy New Features
 New Edge Legacy Features

It is based on the Chromium open-source project. Google is already using the code of chromium in its browser, now Microsoft Edge also using that, and that’s a reason the new Edge looks very similar to Chrome. It includes features as Chrome, supports Chrome browser extensions, and is using the same rendering engine used in Google Chrome.

If you are a web designer, then now there is no need to check website compatibility separately for edge and chrome. If your website is running on chrome it will also run properly on edge.

Now, the edge is giving you the choice to update edge with the new version after every six weeks, like chrome. You do not have to wait for windows 10 updates, to update your edge browser.

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How will you access this browser?

Microsoft released this browser known as Microsoft Edge Legacy on Jan. 15, 2020.  From June 3, 2020, Microsoft began publishing edge legacy via Windows Update. But you can also download the browser without updating your windows. You can do so, from Microsoft’s Website.

After installation, your old edge browser will be replaced with the new version. For compatibility reasons, your operating system will hide the old version. But you will be allowed to use the new Edge with a new logo. Its blue-and-green curly “e” shaped logo will replace the simple blue “e” logo.

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Can You Stop Windows 10 From Installing It?

You can stop this update, but we don’t recommend it. The new version is a more modern browser that old one. If Microsoft forces you to install it, then this leaves a bad impression on users. That’s why Microsoft gave us an opportunity to block the installation of the Edge browser while updating Windows.

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