JioMeet a Free Video Conferencing App | JioMeet Pricing

Mukesh Ambani’s business strategies are very different and effective. He is getting likes from all over the world. Companies want to have a chance to do business with Mukesh. Facebook and Intel recently invested in his digital business. Billionaire Mukesh Ambani has launched JioMeet, a free video conferencing application with unlimited free video calling. As JioMeet pricing is zero it can be seen as a competitor to Zoom.

JioMeet a Free Video Conferencing App | JioMeet Pricing is unimaginable

JioMeet a Free Video Conferencing App | JioMeet Pricing
JioMeet a Free Video Conferencing App | JioMeet Pricing

JioMeet free video conferencing app is now available across Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and web. JioMeet is supporting HD audio and video call quality. The app can handle up to 100 participants at a time. JioMeet is offering features like screen sharing, meeting schedule feature, and more.

Unlike Zoom, it is not imposing a 40-minute time limit. Your calls can continue for as long as 24 hours. According to JioMeet’s official website, all meetings are encrypted and password-protected.

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Zoom charges $15 per month for conferences of more than 40 minutes and $180 on an annual basis. JioMeet is presenting the more functionality free of cost. Some feature that JioMeet offers:

  • Easy Sign Up – You can use either mobile number or e-mail ID to create an instant meeting.
  • Scheduling – Schedule HD audio and video quality in advance.
  • Unlimited Meetings – Allows unlimited meetings per day.
  • Uninterrupted Meetings – Enjoy uninterrupted meetings for up to 24 hours.
  • Password Protection – Meetings will be password protected.
  • JioMeet Pricing – A Free Video Conferencing App.

No participant can join without permission. It also allows the creation of groups and calls/chats on a single click. Application features multi-device login support for up to 5 devices. You can switch seamlessly, from one device to another while on a call. The Free Application has more than 5 lakh downloads on the Google Play Store and iOS.

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The company said, there will not be any restriction on the time limit. Now teachers can continue there classes without cut short as they are forced to do on Zoom. You are free to organise national and international seminars. JioMeet users can zoom in any participant’s video or shared screen video through a double-tap.

JioMeet has some high-level meeting settings above Zoom options. If talking about security, it restricts anonymous users from joining the call. With Jio Meet, users can switch between devices without dropping out of the call. JioMeet allows you to sign up with e-mail and mobile number. Inside a call, Zoom shows only 4 participants at a time and JioMeet allows 9 participants on a single screen.

So, hope you got everything about this Free Video Conferencing App – JioMeet. You are free to ask anything below in the comment section.

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