How to Backup Facebook Photos and Videos to Google Photos?

Do you know, that you can transfer a copy of Facebook photos and videos to Google photos? Yes, it is possible to take a backup of Facebook information to google photos. Here in this article, we will learn “How to Backup Facebook Photos and Videos to Google Photos?“.

Backup Facebook Photos and Videos to Google Photos

How to Backup Facebook Photos and Videos to Google Photos?
How to Backup Facebook Photos and Videos to Google Photos?

Facebook has built a tool to send a copy of your photos and videos to Google Photos. You can easily use the feature if you are a Facebook user and have an account on Google photos. Here are the steps to do so…

You need to Start by visiting Facebook’s Application or desktop website. There, you can find and then select “Settings & Privacy.”

Then, click the “Settings” option

Select the “Your Facebook Information” option.

There you will see “Transfer A Copy Of Your Photos Or Videos”, exactly in front of that you can find and click the “View” button.

Now, you need to select where you would like to transfer your photos and videos. Click on the “Choose Destination” then select “Google Photos” as the destination, where you will take the backup.

Unfortunately, you can only initiate one transfer at a time. So, Choose if you would like to backup a copy of your Facebook photos or videos.  Then, click the “Next” button.

Here, Facebook will ask you to Enter the password for confirmation, that you are the actual owner of the account, who is initiating this process. Enter the Facebook password and authenticate yourself, by clicking the “Continue” button.

Now, you’ll need to select your Google account to transfer the photos or videos to “Google Photos”. Then you might have to reauthenticate yourself as an owner of that particular account. If needed, follow the process and sign in to your desired account.

Then Google will ask you to Grant Facebook with permission to add photos and videos to your Google Photos library. So, grant Facebook permission by clicking the “Allow” button.

Reconfirm your choice by pressing the “Allow” button for a second time.

This will make everything set to go, click the “Confirm Transfer” button.

With your click to “confirm transfer”, a copy of all your Facebook photos or videos will start backuping to Google Photos. And your transfer will be in progress. It might take several hours (or days) to complete the process.

Video Tutorial:

This transferring photos and videos out will be helpful for you if you are planning to delete your Facebook account. Yes, you can easily take a back up for such type of reasons too.

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