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Hey, Do you know? How does inductive charging work? or How does wireless charging work? or simply How a wireless charger works? I will cover all this, here in this post.

We all are so much attached to our smartphone. When the battery runs out, it’s painful, but we can’t do anything about it, it happens. The more your phone serve you, the more power it needs, and the more charging will fulfil this need. The Charging technology is becoming fast and easier day by day. Wireless Charging is also a step towards the ease of charging mobile phones.

Wireless Charging – How it Works?

The Inductive Charing or Cordless charging is too much convenient these days. Have you heard about electromagnetic force? It is one of the fundamental forces in physics. It is a combination of electricity and magnetism concept.

Lets’ take an example, when electricity flows through a copper coil, it creates an electromagnetic field. The more wire will be in the coil – the more powerful the field will be. As we know, that copper is an unbeatable conductor of electricity, it’s incredibly repulsive to corrosion. The stuff is really durable and effective!

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The biggest wonder about the technology of wireless charging is that we made this possible without doing any type of new research. Because the technology used in this was known to us from the 19th century. But we just find a decent use for it as a wireless charger.

In the 19th century, Nikola Tesla revealed that two magnetic fields can slightly transfer energy between their origins when they interfere with each other. This same technology is used in most new mobile devices.

How does inductive charging work?

Now mobiles are coming with an electromagnetic coil connected into their hardware. A similar copper coil, but bigger and more powerful, comes with the charger, which is plugged into the socket.

When you put the plug of your charger into the socket, the electricity flows to the charger and charges or power up the copper coil placed in the charger. Then your charger will become a good source of the electromagnetic field.

When your charger’s electromagnetic field matches with your phone’s coil electromagnetic field. They start interference with each other. Now the Bigger electromagnetic field will transfer the charge to the small coil that has a smaller electromagnetic field. It is a safe way to power up another coil. Usually, this coil is connected to your phone that passes the power to the phone.

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But it is not so easy, coils weren’t effective for charging. The power of the field depends on the number of coils. That’s why engineers need to fit more coils in the device. Until engineers can effectively and cheaply fit a sufficient amount of wire into the coil, the product is useless.

There is another problem in this wireless charging technique. The electromagnetic fields need to be close to each other for a strong connection. To place the phone close to the charger the wireless chargers today come in the form of mats. If you place your phone right on it, the charging will be started. Holding it up or laying it down the charger will break the connection. They need to touch, to establish a connection and to start charging.

Sounds so difficult, that why fitting wire in the charger is an easy task. That the engineers do so far. This new wireless technology isn’t huge yet because wires are still faster than an electromagnetic field charging.

Hope you got the right information. See you in the next article.

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