Google Photos has disabled automatic image and video backup

Why Google Photos has a disabled image and video backup? Guys, it is true that Google Photos has disabled images and videos backups. But it is temporarily. Google Photos temporarily disabled backup for folders created by applications like Facebook, WhatsApp and other messaging apps.

Google Photos – Back up Disabled

You may think that why google took this step. Let me tell you, this step has been taken to save your mobile data. Due to coronavirus, people are spending most of the time at home, and entertaining themselves via social media.

As most of the people are spending their time on mobile. Devices are receiving more messages, images and videos as usual. If google will automatically start back up, daily mobile data charges may increase, or your data may exhaust earlier as you expect. So to provide uninterrupted entertainment google disabled automatic images and video backups.

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If you need to backup media then you can do that manually. Yes, Google Photos has just disabled auto backups, but manual functions are still there. You can read what google said on its community forum.

The apps that will not be able to provide a backup facility are Facebook, Helo, Instagram, LINE, Messages, Messenger, Snapchat, Twitter, Viber, and WhatsApp.

Before, Google Photos step, YouTube already lowered its video quality to 480p on the service across the European Union. However, if you want to watch videos in High-Definitions, you can select that option. But, by default, videos will run in standard definition 480p.

So, concluding all points, Google Photos, Youtube and some other applications like Netflix, are trying to consume less data on your devices. Applications are doing this for your uninterrupted entertainment.

Hope you got the whole matter. For any queries comment me below. I will try to answer all of your questions.

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