Google Pay Ban in India! Google Pay News by RBI | G Pay Ban

Google Pay Ban news is totally fake, it is not banned in India. Actually, a fake message was forwarded on WhatsApp, that created this confusion. The same message was circulated on social media. The Message guarantees that the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) has banned the GPay in India. Let”s Dive into the details of Google Pay News by RBI

Google Pay Ban in India!

Google Pay Ban in India! Google Pay News by RBI | G pay Ban
Google Pay Ban in India! Google Pay News by RBI

Many of us are using Google Pay in India. Google Pay Ban news was totally based on a fake message, circulated over Whatsapp. This Fake claim took the support of RBI’s name and got so much circulation.

“GPay banned by RBI” is the Topic running at the top of all trending topics on Twitter in India. But it’s not true, a report from earlier this week, quoted the Reserve Bank of India as stating “Google Pay does not operate a payment system in India and hence does not find a place in the list of authorised payment system operators published by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI)”. Google has since responded, stating that “it is a legal operator in India, and as a result, your money is as safe as it would be on another other payment service’s platform”.

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Google Pay India posted a PTI article on June 24, stating, “Google Pay operates completely within the law. We work as a technology service provider to partner banks, to allow payments via UPI. UPI apps in the country are categorised as ‘third party apps’, and are not required to be ‘payment systems operators’.”  Then a Google Pay spokesperson’s statement to PTI on the matter stated, “Some quotes on social media, wrongly attributed to the RBI, claim that issues arising while transferring money through Google Pay are not protected by the law, since the app is unauthorised. This is incorrect and can be verified on NPCI”s website.”

The statement further says, “All transactions made via Google Pay are fully protected by redressal processes laid out by applicable guidelines of the RBI/NPCI, and users can reach out for any help 24/7, through Google Pay customer care.”

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In Short, Google Pay Ban in India News is totally false. All authorised third-party app providers are listed on the NPCI Website. So, All transactions made using any of the authorised third-party app providers are fully safe and protected. Further, I would also like to simplify that all authorised third-party app providers are already bound with all the rules and regulations by RBI.

UPI payment system is fully safe and secure, and I appeal to the citizens, not to believe this fake news about Google Pay ban in India.

Take this as a lesson and do not believe in forwarded WhatsApp messages. Google Pay holds your money as secure as it would be on any other payment platform in India.

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