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FB Messenger and WhatsApp New Cross Chat Feature is creating an atmosphere of excitement among the users. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are going to introduce Cross Chat Feature. Let’s get into the matter…

FB Messenger and WhatsApp New Cross Chat Feature

FB Messenger and WhatsApp New Cross Chat Feature
FB Messenger and WhatsApp New Cross Chat Feature

As you know that Whatsapp is owned by Facebook. Now, Facebook is working on a technique, to make the content on one platform accessible from different. And most probably, Facebook is going to do so, with the launch of a new feature.

Facebook is the social networking giant, with most of the population of the world.  Facebook is speculated to be working on a technique to merge two of its instant messaging platforms. Don’t take it wrong, this only means you can conversate between platforms. Facebook is not actually merging the applications or there features together.

Reportedly, it was found that the company is working on a special cross-chat feature, between WhatsApp and Facebook. As per our web research, Facebook Messenger users will be able to send messages to users on WhatsApp, without changing the platform.

It is also hinted that Facebook is ready to bring integration between both Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. To make this possible Facebook is working to get access to the data within the WhatsApp database.

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After a successful launch of FB Messenger and WhatsApp New Cross Chat Feature,  Messenger will be able to accept push notifications and additional details of chats. Messenger will be able to check which WhatsApp contact is blocked, if a chat is archived or not, search a phone number, and WhatsApp profile pictures and groups.

I am super excited about this new feature, are you? Hope, that Facebook will release the feature as soon as possible. As soon as Facebook will collect the code for the technique and database you will get the new feature. The work is in progress.

The report also hints that Facebook is using the same encryption and decryption protocols as WhatsApp for this assumed cross-chat feature. It sounds really interesting to tarnsfer messages to WhatsApp from Facebook Messenger.

We need to wait for an official announcement from Facebook regarding this feature. Till then Stay Connected and tuned wit MagicAPK.

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