Facebook’s New Manage Activity feature | Manage Multiple posts

Facebook has recently announced Facebook’s New Manage Activity feature. The New feature is regarding the management of activities on Facebook. This new feature was launched on 2 June 2020. The feature is launched only on the Facebook Lite App to manage multiple posts. And Shortly will be available on the main application and desktop version.

Facebook’s New Manage Activity feature

Facebook's New Manage Activity feature | Manage Multiple posts
Facebook’s New Manage Activity feature

Sometimes we need to manage multiple posts on social media, but Facebook had no such option. Facebook’s recently announced feature is exactly about this situation.

How to Manage Multiple posts on Facebook?

Now, you can manage multiple posts on Facebook. To do so, you need to follow these steps

  1. Go to Activity Log
  2. There you will see Facebook’s New Manage Activity feature
  3. Click On it, and select “Your Posts”
  4. From there you can select and delete or archive your posts.

Bulk deletion and hiding of posts may be very useful for Facebook users. It helps you to maintain your presence on Facebook in a smooth way than before.

Hiding of post meant to Archive it on Facebook. You can archive the posts, you no longer want on profile but still want to keep them on social media. You can also trash the posts that you no longer want on your profile.

Trash bin keeps your posts for 30 days, after that period the posts will be automatically deleted. If you want, you can restore content from the trash within 30-days.

This new facility of archiving or trashing can be done in bulk. Using filters, make this simple for you, you can filter video posts, text updates etc. in just some clicks.

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Do share your views about this new update.

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